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For What Little Good It May Do

I sit down to blog again because of the situation that Jamaal has fallen into. As of right now, I have not spoken to Jamaal about Tiffany or what actually ensued. All I know is that the two of them have decided to part ways — a decision that was made by Tiffany more than […]

Routers, Lets Talk About Wireless Routers

I have recently been looking for a wireless router. I have a¬†wired router (is it called that or is it just a router when you have wires?) but the only ethernet hook up in my house happens to be in the living room and 3 sharp turns from my room. So what I’m sayin is […]

Video Pick: Shaq VS. Free Throw

Well just watch. Shaq looked confident but it was a quick fight. Knockout round 1…it is a good thing he can dunk the hell out of it. I’m not sure what I found funnier: the missed free throw or the announcer.

A Good Weekend For Football…Almost

Friday night we played Osswego at home. We destroyed them; I think the final score was like 40-0. I am on junior varsity and I got to play. The only complaint I have for the game is that coach Smith is an ass hole. I’m not going to explain though because it would take too […]