I wrote two new poems tonight and thought that I would share them with the internet. Both poems are inspired by music and from reading Langston Hughes. I’ll write out each poem and follow them with a very brief commentary on where the words came from and what they mean to me. I think it […]

As promised, I am back to finish up my two-part blog series on attending the University of Kansas. In the previous post, I explained my hesitations and fears concerning moving to Lawrence and attending a large university. Now, with my readers fully understanding that attending KU scares the hell out of me, I must explain […]

As the summer is receding away, my feelings seem to become more and more mixed with each day. I teeter between excitement and fear. Maybe I should explain myself a little bit. At the start of this year, I committed to attending the University of Kansas, and I later decided to major in journalism. It […]

I sit down to blog again because of the situation that Jamaal has fallen into. As of right now, I have not spoken to Jamaal about Tiffany or what actually ensued. All I know is that the two of them have decided to part ways — a decision that was made by Tiffany more than […]

I have not written a damn word in so long and honestly that kind of depresses me. When I first started this blog, writing seemed so easy. I wrote about anything, everything from media reviews to details of my life. It was easy because it was comfortable. Now, I feel like I can’t write unless […]

So I end my silence just for you. I truly do hope you enjoy every little bit of it as I am sure you will. It is a shame really. I thought that silence would be the best way to deal with this reoccurring situation of ours but apparently you just do not know how […]

Excuse my complete lack of posting, but I really have not had the time. I am enrolled in an short term (eight week) English composition class that requires a shit ton of writing so the last thing I want to do is write some more in the litte free time I have. Therefore, I have […]

Music has seduced me and become my second love. I think we all know who my first is, so I don’t feel the need to go in to that. The guitar is now my main hobby with piano and harmonic taking up the two and three spots. Not to mention, I listen to music while […]

That’s right, if you can’t tell by my title, I am now a college student. Obviously, that means beer kegs, pot, Xbox 360, and a whole lotta fucking. Whoa, yeah! At least, that is how¬† the “collegiate lifestyle” is generally described. However, mine is the glaring opposite of that. It runs more along the lines […]

As I slowly transition further and further away from blogging, my posts have changed in there basic outline quite a bit. I used to write reviews for movies, books, games, etc. but now I only bitch about life or self reflect. This post, however, will not be about my love life, Cody’s love life, or […]